How to Find a Fire Assessment Company in London

The most important task you have as a business owner in London is to keep your employees, customers, visitors, and property safe from fire. The laws in the UK make it easy enough to ensure you are remaining compliant. By getting a fire risk assessment you can make sure everything is up to the latest safety regulations. How can you find the best company to do the fire assessment London for you? That part is easy.

London Fire AssessmentSearch online for the London fire risk assessment firms near you. By comparing their services and prices, it will not take you long to find a company that you can form a long-standing relationship with. One major feature to look for in a firm is a firm that is willing to refund your money if the Fire Brigade should find their assessment unsuitable.

Qualified and Experienced Fire Risk Assessors in London

Other things to look for in a good fire assessment firm is how qualified and experienced their fire assessors are. The more experience that they have, even if it is combined experience, is important. It shows that they know what they are doing and can be trusted to create a fire risk plan that will work.

Another thing to look for in an assessment company is a firm that has experience in drawing up plans for businesses like yours. If you run a hotel, find a company that specialises in hotels. If you operate a restaurant, find a restaurant fire risk professional.

Make an arrangement with the firm and have the assessment done. Someone in your firm must be designated to accompany their representative through the premises as the inspection is being done.

During the inspection, the whole building will be examined. The fire assessor will examine the layout and the existing alarm system. They will take note of how the fire extinguishers are spaced and how many more must be added. They also check to make sure that the lighting is adequate and that any sprinklers installed are working and are installed correctly within the London premises.

London MapAbout The Fire Risk Assessment Report

If anything should be deemed inadequate, they will note this on a written report. They may ask you to do things like install updated alarms or add fire extinguishers. The report will contain everything that you need to do to bring your property up to the latest Fire Brigade codes. If your property has everything needed to protect everyone and everything in the event of a fire you will receive a certificate to attest to this.

Should you need to make any modifications to the premises, the fire assessment experts will be there to help you. They will also review the modifications when complete and issue a new compliance report.

It is not necessary for you to do a professional risk assessment by law if there are fewer than five people at your business. Still, you will want them to be safe as well as your property and all of your equipment. Consider having a professional fire risk assessment done by someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in this important field in the City of London.